Barney Zeitz

Functional Metal Work

67 Deer Hill Road
Vineyard Haven,Ma.
Martha's Vineyard
(508) 693-9421

Functional Metal Work

Zeitz uses all hand forged and welding techniques in his metal sculpture and lighting. There is no casting involved. Everything is cut from sheets or bars and hammered hot or cold, then welded with either gas or electric welders. He uses hand tools for grinding and polishing. Bronze is applied using gas welding onto the surface of steel. Zeitz will devote many hours applying bronze with this technique to give an ancient Etruscan quality, like it has been buried for thousands of years. He also can heat treat stainless steel to a golden bronze color. Another innovative technique Zeitz incorporates into his work is inlaid bronze lettering, done by carefully cutting and filling openings in the plate steel. This is a laborious technique but well worth the effort for its permanence and subtlety.

a) Stove Hoods

a)  Stove Hoods Custom stove hoods and vents
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Steel Desk

Steel Desk This welded steel desk is built in to the corner between the masonry of the chimney and a plaster wall. It cascades from one level to another.
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Latches and Hinges

Latches and Hinges
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Urns for Cremation

Urns for Cremation This forged and welded stainless steel urn measures as a 9" cube.  The stainless steel glows in the very lowest of lighting.  Many cemeteries now offer glass front columbariums that have lighting inside.  This basic design can be added to (see Urn with Angel) and can be customized to make more personal.
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Stainless Steel railing

Stainless Steel railing This forged welded stainless steel railing has been heat treated to add color. The handrail is machined out of solid stock.
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Stainless Steel Flatware

Stainless Steel Flatware This set of stainless steel flatware is hand forged and welded using 1/8" plate ss, added to with MIG welding, forged with gas, ground and polished.
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Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower Outdoor Shower designed and built for a home in Chilmark, Ma. It was forged and welded stainless steel.
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Structural Steel Caryatid

Structural Steel Caryatid This welded steel structural element holds up the roof in my welding studio, one of a pair.
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Chilmark Downspout

Chilmark Downspout Custom forged and welded stainless steel funnels and back direct water from scuppers onto bronze rainchains.
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d Fireplace Screens

d Fireplace Screens
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