Barney Zeitz


67 Deer Hill Road
Vineyard Haven,Ma.
Martha's Vineyard
(508) 693-9421

Metal Sculpture

Sculptures in forged and welded steel, stainless steel, bronze by Barney Zeitz.

Zeitz uses all hand forged and direct welding techniques in his metal sculpture. There is no casting involved. Everything is cut from sheets or bars and hammered hot or cold, then welded with either gas or electric welders. He uses hand tools for grinding and polishing.  His favorite material is stainless steel, which he has worked the technique over the years to get amazing results. Stainless steel is a very hard material, but Zeitz has figured out a way, with patience, to get the results he wants. Stainless steel is very durable and has excellent luminescent qualities. It glows in low light situations, like dawn and dusk, making the work more noticeable than bronze at certain times of day.

Torso (Steel)

Torso (Steel) Torso
Forged and Welded. Click to view Torso (Steel)

Head with Wings

Head with WingsThis forged and welded stainless steel sculpture sits on an arbor leading to a garden. Click to view Head with Wings


OwlStainless Steel Owl , 25" tall on stainless steel falconry stand, 2011. Click to view Owl

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and EarthForged and welded stainless steel abstract figure. 28". Click to view Heaven and Earth


OspreyOsprey unfinished. Click to view Osprey

Owl with open wings

Owl with open wingsThis forged and welded stainless steel Great Horned Owl is 36" tall with 48" wingspan. . Click to view Owl with open wings

War Requiem

War Requiemforged and welded steel. Click to view War Requiem


AngelsAngels in stainless steel. Click to view Angels


 Headress forged and welded stainless steel. Click to view Headress


Griffenforged and welded stainless steel. Click to view Griffen


WingsForged and welded stainless steel. Click to view Wings


Lovers forged and welded stainless steel. Click to view Lovers