Barney Zeitz

Public Works, Memorials

67 Deer Hill Road
Vineyard Haven,Ma.
Martha's Vineyard
(508) 693-9421

1 Exterior Work

Public Works and Memorials commissioned for exterior spaces.

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Immigrant Memorial

Immigrant MemorialImmigrant Memorial for the Town of Plymouth in Brewster Gardens across from Plymouth Rock. Click to view Immigrant Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust MemorialThe Holocaust Memorial at R.I. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Barney Zeitz's intention in creating this sculpture was to symbolize a rebirth of the Jewish nation by its very survival through the Holocaust experience. The six steel beams, rooted in the Star of David, vault up 12 feet where they transform to animal, angelic, and leaflike shapes. This heroic movement must pass through a series of heavy, angular, and fistlike forms that manipulate large shields away from the main column.. Click to view Holocaust Memorial

Berkshire South

Berkshire South Berkshire South Regional Community Center, forged and welded stainless steel 102" tall. Click to view Berkshire South

Vietnam Era Memorial

Vietnam Era MemorialThe Vietnam Era Memorial of Martha's Vineyard was designed and built with the idea that all viewpoints of those difficult times would be aknowledged.. Click to view Vietnam Era Memorial

Berkshire South

Berkshire South40" tall version of the stainless steel sculpture being built 96" tall to be installed in June 2009. Click to view Berkshire South