Barney Zeitz


67 Deer Hill Road
Vineyard Haven,Ma.
Martha's Vineyard
(508) 693-9421


This osprey is made of forged and welded stainless steel. An armature of stainless steel rods was first created. Sheet stainless is attached to the armature and texture and modeling is done with a MIG welder, then ground and polished. The finished osprey has a wingspan of 50 inches.The first video is the finished sculpture, the second is when it was in progress. This sculpture took over three months of welding to build.

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Osprey with tailfeathers I have added the tailfeathers, on the long path to completion of this Osprey, with 6 foot wingspan.
Osprey head detail
Osprey Back
Osprey Talons 1 Closeup of talons, each forged and welded stainless steel. These are solid rods with added weld material ground and polished.
Osprey Talons 2
Osprey Talons 3