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Vineyard Haven,Ma.
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Berkshire South

This 40" tall forged and welded stainless steel sculpture is the model for a, eight foot version in progress now to be installed at Berkshire South community center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  This sculpture is dedicated to Edwin Jaffe, founder of Berkshire South, who passed away in 2007. The sculpture is based one of his images of flowers.

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Berkshire South detail
Berkshire South back view
Berkshire South front As one enters the building, the sculpture is seen from the front.
Drawing for concept Charcoal drawing to show concept. Changes were added to add a more floral element to the design. A decision was made to fabricate a model to see what would happen 3 dimentionally.
Berkshire South rear view When exiting the building, the sculture is seen from the back.
Model for Berkshire Sounth sculpture The 39" forged and welded stainless steel model took two months to fabricate, but gave the client the ability to see what would be fabricated full size and be able to suggest changes.
Mounting Box The sculpture is built on a mounting box made of heavy stainless steel plates which bolts to the cement footing and the sculpture.
Bulb armature The bulb is first outlined with stainless rods as an armature that will be covered with stainless plates.
Partly covered bulb armature Plates are welded to the rods of the armature and ground to hide seams.
Armature for trunks The trunks are first fabricated as an armature of stainless rods that are carefully copied from the model.
Covered trunks with model behind The trunk armature is covered with forged and welded stainless steel plates that are welded and ground to hide any welded seams.