Barney Zeitz

Public Works, Memorials

67 Deer Hill Road
Vineyard Haven,Ma.
Martha's Vineyard
(508) 693-9421

Tree of Life

The piece is 5' wide by 5'tall and goes into the wall with a 3" stainless steel box. The hinging system is all hand fabricated from stainless steel and delivers ten pages that fold out all the way to the wall, so that both sides of the pages can be utilized for name plaques. It can hold up to 2500 plaques. The tree is made of bronze on steel. The pages are brushed aluminum.

please click on images for larger view
view with open doors both doors open.
Memorial Tree Book of Remembrance
Assembled brazed tree into box The two gate doors are assembled into the stainless steel box, prior to the fabrication of the pages and hinging system.
Artist with daughter The artist with daughter standing in front of memorial.
close up with door open Close up view with one door open
detail of the hinging system. This is a detail of the hinging system. They are all handmade of stainless steel and the pages are brushed aluminum.
Nameplates This image shows the nameplates on the Memorial Tree.
Hinging system design This image shows the design and patterns for the three tiered hinging system.
Building tree branches with rebar This shows the tedious process of building up the tree truncks and branches with rebar, before the sheet steel is added for larger trunks.
Before brazing and assembly After the rebar is worked, sheet steel is cut and added to the larger forms.