Barney Zeitz

Public Works, Memorials

67 Deer Hill Road
Vineyard Haven,Ma.
Martha's Vineyard
(508) 693-9421

Vietnam Era Memorial

The Vietnam Era Memorial of Martha's Vineyard was designed and built with the idea that all viewpoints of those difficult times would be aknowledged. The committee, which gathered support and did the fundraising, was made up of both disabled Vietnam veterans and protesters against the war. This memorial tries to make a statement about the realities of war. Depending on where the viewer stands, it is hoped that one will feel pride looking up at the griffen, vulnerability when seeing the ribcage, protection or lack of it with the shield, and the emptiness that each one of us has felt at times in our lives when looking up to the hollow side of the griffen.

The location for this sculpture is on a very busy intersection where walking and car traffic can approach and move around the work. Its location is at the very heart of the community and the artist and the committee received the support of the American Legion, All-Island Clergy, Vineyard peace council and the League of Women Voters. Funds were contributed from banks, insurance companies, and private donors. At the grassroots level funds were raised with a raffle.
The fabrication of this scupture is all forged and welded stainless steel and iron. Barney Zeitz used gas and electic welding equiptment, and hand tools.

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Vietnam Era Memorial
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